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Lane & Lane, P.C. is a two-lawyer general civil, criminal and domestic relations litigation firm, started in 1996 by partners Charles W. Lane and Elizabeth V. Lane, who also are married. The firm’s office is located at 250 Lawrence Street, Marietta, Georgia 30060. Marietta is eighteen miles north of downtown Atlanta.

The firm represents clients with cases pending in municipal, recorders, magistrate, probate, state, superior and federal courts throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area and in northwest Georgia. In addition to having a civil, domestic and criminal trial practice, our firm handles appellate matters for clients with cases requiring an appeal from an adverse decision in the trial court or who must respond to an appeal filed by the opposing party.

Our areas of practice include personal injury, criminal and traffic cases, general civil litigation,  including business and contract disputes, and divorce.                                                                                We pride ourselves on our extensive litigation experience. One service we provide that distinguishes us from many other firms is that we only charge one attorney rate on the occasions when we are able to  be in court representing our client together. We believe that "two sets of ears and eyes are better than one!" We always strive to give our clients the most personalized service possible.